CNN presenter Hannah Vaughan Jones on the heartache of infertility

Television news presenter Hannah Vaughan Jones is 33 weeks pregnant after 15 rounds of IVF, spending more than £80,000 on treatment

She is fully aware of the heartache that sentence will cause many people across the globe, because she has been there so many times.

The CNN presenter and her husband, Lewis, have been preparing for the birth next month of their son, but as she goes on maternity leave, she is speaking out to let people know it is okay to feel angry, depressed, desolate and depressed when they hear pregnancy announcements.

Many of Hannah and Lewis’ embryos they created were found to be chromosomally abnormal and were looking into egg donation

But after discussion with their fertility specialist, the couple decided to transfer two final low grade embryos they had frozen on a previous cycle.

Hannah told the Daily Mail that despite getting a positive result after the two-week wait she was so convinced it was false she didn’t wake Lewis and went off for a gym session.

It took until she was 14 weeks pregnant and chromosomal abnormality tests came back negative that the couple began to believe that the pregnancy might result in them having their longed for baby.

But as longed for as the baby is, Hannah is acutely aware of the pain any woman or couple reading about it will feel.

She said she remembers the many times her friends would text or email her to tell her they were pregnant and how it would break her heart each and every time.

She describes a time when several friends and her sister told her within a few days of each other that they were all expecting – she broke down.

She said: “I was upstairs getting out of my works clothes when the final text arrived, and I just fell to my knees sobbing.

“It was that howling, moaning cry that you don’t know you’re capable of, that only comes from real grief.

“Lewis came running up the stairs and found me in this heap on the floor. I didn’t have much to say other than so-and-so was pregnant.

“He held me and told me how sorry he was.”

Hannah’s message to others going through infertility journey is that it is okay not to be okay.

She said: “I know how upsetting it can be and it’s okay to be furious and hate a bit as well.  It is absolutely normal. I’ve been there.”

IVF babble wishes Hannah and Lewis so much love with their little bundle of joy – what a fantastic gift for Christmas.

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