UK couple fundraise for last chance IVF treatment

A couple who have been together for six years are hoping to raise enough funds to have IVF treatment

Carla and Debi Sweetman-Kerr, from Kettering in the UK, would love to have a family but fertility issues have scuppered their plans.

Debi had previously battled a rare form of cancer and her ovaries don’t work so Carla was always going be the partner who would have the IVF treatment.

But with her own battle with endometriosis and a history of polycystic ovaries, the pair are concerned this option may have been taken from them.

The couple are not eligible for NHS IVF treatment as they do not fit the requirements to prove their infertility as a same-sex couple so are privately funding their journey.

Carla told the Northants Telegraph: “I have always had painful periods and stuff like that. It’s crippling the pain I am in, it affects most parts of my life.”

She had her first operation for endometriosis at the age of 20 but was not told about how the condition could affect her fertility, something she is disappointed by

It wasn’t until 2016 that she was told by a a consultant that had she already had children, she would have transferred the operation to a full hysterectomy.

It was around this time she was told she had polycystic ovaries.

The couple were told that they had maybe a year before the condition would return with symptoms and if they wanted children to start trying as soon as possible.

They traveled to Denmark for artificial insemination several times but it has so far failed to work and Carla has revealed she is starting to get endometriosis symptoms again.

The couple feel IVF could be their last chance and time and funds are running out

Carla said: “IVF is the only thing we’ve not tried, and with a hysterectomy looming I want to know that we tried everything before I lose the capability to even conceive.”

The couple need to raise £6,000 for treatment and to help them raise the funds, click here

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