New documentary, Making Babies, follows three couples trying to conceive via IVF

A new programme will follow the lives of three couples from Scotland going through IVF and will be aired on BBC Scotland during National Fertility Week (Oct 28 to Nov 3)

Filmmaker Laura-Jane ‘LJ’ McRae, from Glasgow, has produced the documentary and along with her husband, Findlay, have experienced the raw pain and emotional distress of what fertility treatment brings, having been trying to conceive for the past four years.

She told the Evening Times newspaper that the idea for the programme came from realising how isolating the world of infertility was.

The 35-year-old said: “My husband and I were struggling with fertility, and I realised that there was a massive world out there of people in the same boat and not a lot of people were speaking about it.”

The couples were all beginning treatment at the Ninewells Hospital, in Dundee, all struggling with unexplained infertility, in which an individual or couple’s diagnosis cannot be targeted to a specific reason.

LJ said she was keen to highlight what happens when IVF isn’t successful, instead of just looking at the successes

At present the success rate of IVF across the UK currently stands at about 30 percent, with one in seven couples experiencing difficulty conceiving naturally.

LJ said: “The only time we seem to talk about it is when it works, so when you say to people I’m on IVF, people say ‘oh great, I have a friend and it worked for them’. If you’re sitting there having gone through four cycles and it hasn’t worked, you feel further isolated than you did before.

“It comes from a well meaning place as people want you to know that there is hope, but actually, if you look at the statistics, it might not work for you and you have to be aware of that.”

The couple have had four embryo transfers, none of which have taken and they are still undergoing treatment.

Making Babies will be screened on BBC Scotland on Tuesday, October 29 at 10pm and Thursday, October 31 at 11pm.

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