Meet Katy, our latest IVF babble ambassador

“My name is Katy and I am 28; my husband Tom is 30 and this is our fertility story:

“We have been together since December 2011, we fell pregnant naturally in January 2015 and married in April 2015. Unfortunately, two weeks before our wedding, at our 12 week scan, we had found out that the baby had no heartbeat, we’d had a missed miscarriage. This news was devastating and completely changed both our lives.

“Once the disbelief of what had happened began to sink in, we were sat in a waiting room to discuss the procedure to remove what a few hours earlier we believed would be our child. It was a very emotional feeling for both of us, we were in a state of shock it was happening to us.

Although the pain was horrible we knew we had to keep going and believed it would happen for us, we could not give up hope and we decided we must do whatever it takes to finally have our baby in the future.”

Exactly one year later I fell pregnant again

This time I knew early on something wasn’t right, after various investigations and weeks of scans we had to take yet another loss, this time it was a blighted ovum. Although we suspected the worst early on, it was still extremely hard to take and we felt helpless.

Two years on with no luck of conceiving naturally again and all our tests coming back positive, we were told we had unexplained infertility and would have to start IVF.

During our first round of IVF, egg collection went well and the transfer went without any problems. But during the two week wait stage I started spotting and soon realised this cycle was over, which was a bitter pill to swallow. We kept on going as we felt lucky enough to have five frozen embryos.

Four months after our failed fresh transfer we had our first frozen embryo transfer and we were very excited to get started, we thought that this could be the difference and make our dreams come true.

We had an appointment with the consultant where we discussed oestrogen and progesterone levels and what medications we could take that could enhance our chances, we had agreed to take Lubion injections instead of pessaries to ensure the progesterone got into my system as I was concerned the pessaries were not working correctly, I also agreed to wear an oestrogen patch to increase my levels and hopefully keep the thickness of my lining, which was another concern of mine.

Everything was going well; the procedure was smooth and fast. The days went by a lot faster than my previous fresh IVF cycle and I felt as if everything was on track.

However when we reached official test day it was again a negative test

“We have been here before and we knew that this is another negative closer to a positive and we had to look forward to our next cycle as we were extremely lucky to have four frozen embryos left to try.

“We look at fertility treatment in a different way now, we feel we are finding out more about why things may not have worked in the past and looking at ways of improving our chances with various different medications and different doses of particular medications.

“We are extremely grateful for IVF treatment as it gives us the best chance to become parents, which I know too well being an IVF baby myself.

“I am now currently in the two week wait of our second frozen embryo transfer so I really hope this is the one. If not we will do whatever it takes until our dreams of becoming parents come true. Think positive, be positive, stay positive.

“If you ever need to chat, do drop me a message on insta,  @ivf_got_this_uk.”

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