Let us introduce you to Jenn, one of our wonderful IVF babble ambassadors

“Hello, I’m Jenn. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for seven years

“It took us a long time to pursue fertility investigations and treatments, as it was not an experience, I thought I would cope well with. Following a change of heart, and a lot of heartbreak, we had medicated intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles, which unfortunately did not result in a baby. When we moved on and started in vitro fertilisation (IVF) we discovered I have very low ovarian reserve, but no other identifiable cause of our infertility. Now we’ve unfortunately experienced three failed fresh cycles of IVF.

“My mental health has really suffered as a result of the infertility experience, due to my perceived inabilities as a woman, I really reached a point that I hated myself. I’d never speak to my friends the way I’ve let my mind speak to me. Now I’m passionate about embracing the person I’m becoming as a result of this journey, finding joy in my current life and actually liking the person I’ve become.

“We are now on the path of IVF using donor eggs. We do know that whatever the route we take to become parents, as heartbreaking as these years have been, we will be better parents as a result of this experience.

“I am hoping to embrace being an IVF babble ambassador. I can be an empathetic ear and to be able to support you the best way I can, just as Sara and Tracey have been for me. If you need to just download to someone who gets it, do drop me a DM. (@ivfpineapple)

“Oh, and I’ve organised a little northern meetup of 25 people before Xmas. If you would like to join us let me know. I’m currently putting goody bags together too, so if you are a company that would like to donate something to the bags then do get in touch.”

Would you like to be an IVF babble ambassador? If so, email your story, explaining how you could help our thousands of readers and followers on their journey, to sara@ivfbabble.com

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