Hart Fertility Centre to offer free IVF cycle to mark World Fertility Day

IVF babble is delighted to welcome Hart Fertility Clinic as a partner for its innovative free IVF cycle initiative to mark World Fertility Day this November

The clinic, which operates in Cape Town, South Africa, has several IVF laboratories in Africa, including Windhoek, Nairobi and Johannesburg set up and co-owned by embryologist Kimenthra Raja.

Kimenthra also started the first South African Egg Donation Agency (EDSA), which continues to run a very successful egg donor and recipient program more than a decade later.

We chat to the clinic about the company’s ethos and why patients travel to South Africa to use its first class treatment centres and laboratories.

What is the company’s ethos?

“We treat each patient as an individual, as we understand that every person’s needs vary. This means, our patients get our complete and undivided attention, from the start of their journey to the very end (and beyond). We pride ourselves in approaching fertility from a holistic standpoint rather than the usual clinical and medical approach.”

What makes the company different from other clinics?

“Following on from what we mentioned above, most clinics see patients as just a number but we encompass the whole person. We take full cognisance of the bigger picture, focusing on the humanness before all else, as we understand the emotional strain already experienced by most of our patients before they have even walked through our doors.”

Who do you cater for? How many international patients do you have each year?

“Our ratio for 2019 is currently at 40 percent international and 60 percent local patients.”

What are your success rates for live births?

“When considering IVF with a woman’s own eggs our success for clinical pregnancy rates stands at 43 percent, when using donor egg it is 65 percent.”

What are the different types of services you offer?

“We specialise in treatment for both local and international patients and we have three top specialists in reproductive medicine, one of whom pioneered fertility treatment in South Africa.

“We currently offer the following services:

  • Infertility assessments
  • Ovulation tracking and timed intercourse
  • Ovulation induction
  • Artificial insemination
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
  • IVF with donor eggs
  • IVF with donor sperm
  • Egg/Sperm/Embryo Freezing
  • Assisted hatching
  • Surrogacy
  • Testicular biopsy
  • HIV fertility treatments
  • Fertility treatments for single men and women
  • Fertility treatments for gay and lesbian couples

How do you support people going through infertility issues? Do you offer counselling or run a support group?

Alongside our core HART team, we work very closely with an associate team of professionals who offer exclusive services to our patients. We currently provide:

  • Fertility counsellor and coach
  • Fertility yoga instructor
  • Fertility lawyer
  • Acupuncturist/Chinese medicine
  • Fertility dietitian
  • Birth doula

What campaigns or initiatives are you involved in when it comes to infertility?

“We are very active on social media, and we write regular blogs and articles on relevant and important information regarding fertility health; constantly connecting with and collaborating with incredible people and companies who have the same vision as we do.

Together with our social media campaigns, we run regular workshops and events where we invite new and current patients along to attend, as well as medical professionals, to share their own experiences or expertise in the field of fertility.”

Why have you decided to become involved in our free IVF offer?

“We have always admired and followed IVF Babble – many of the articles and stories have inspired us to do more and write more about important topics surrounding infertility and the struggles that go with that.  We are madly in love with the pineapple pins which we proudly distribute as gifts to our patients.  We feel that HART is directly in sync with IVF-Babble’s ethos and thinking.”

What message would you give to anyone who may be experiencing fertility issues?

“Fertility treatment has advanced in leaps and bounds with the result that success rates have improved and increased over the years.  With the help of the internet, there is so much information out there, which means patients are now better informed long before they walk into a clinic. We have an incredibly talented team of medical professionals on hand every day who are available to offer the best treatment advice and huge amounts of support. To accompany our medical treatments, we also offer a holistic approach for our patients to consider when making their final decision.

“We are very passionate about driving home the fact that infertility is no longer a stigma or that someone struggling to conceive naturally is a failure! It is time to break the silence on infertility, and for anyone wanting to be parents to know, that they are not alone.”

Terms and conditions of IVF free cycle with Hart Fertility Clinic

What is included:


Theatre/Lab work

IVF coordinators work

Doctor costs

IVF/ICSI treatment up to embryo transfer

Not included: Egg freezing/storing/ any future appointments or treatments

Hart Fertility Clinic is offering a pure/conventional/traditional IVF/ICSI treatment using the patient’s own eggs – it does not include donor eggs.

Treatment can be immediate

If patient doesn’t live in same country, the clinic can coordinate directly with the patient in terms of a trip to Cape Town for their treatment.

Not included: Any required pre-screenings/tests before patient arrives in Cape Town, flights, accommodation – these will be the responsibility of the patient –  the clinic does offer a HART Travel Guide for all international Patients with full recommendations in terms of accommodation/tourist excursions/holistic treatments.

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