Dr Mark Trolice says vaping is just as bad as smoking when it comes to trying to conceive

Recent new evidence on vaping suggests there is a link between between e-cigarettes and infertility and our resident US fertility expert, Dr Mark Trolice could not agree more

The study, which was published in the Journal of Endocrine Society, also said vaping could cause permanent health complications to the baby.

Dr Trolice, who is the director of Fertility Care: The IVF Center, said in response to the study to Yahoo Finance: “E-cigarettes are probably just as harmful to pregnancy and fertility than traditional cigarettes because they both have the same amounts of nicotine.

“There is a misconception that e-cigarettes are safe to use during pregnancy. Anyone on their fertility journey should avoid the use of nicotine altogether.”

Dr Trolice said the road to parenthood can be very stressful and couples should use alternative therapies to relax and reduce stress, and vaping is not one of them

He said: “I strongly urge those who might desire future childbearing to stay away from vaping. It is a momentary fad that could ruin both your health, your opportunity to naturally conceive in the future and the health of your baby.”

Since mid-October US health officials have confirmed that there have been 33 confirmed deaths linked to respiratory illness with a possible vaping link.

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