Clinica Tambre explains why having fertility treatment abroad has never been easier

When people face a diagnosis of infertility, they are plunged into an emotional rollercoaster

Having the support of the loved ones and participating in communities and platforms could be helpful and assisted reproduction centres play an important role with regard to the patient’s emotions.

The mission of any reputable fertility clinic is to offer quality information and treatments. It should provide highly personalised help and mitigate concerns about the duration, details, and the cost of treatment.

At Clinica Tambre Fertility Clinic these matters are never overlooked. That is why its processes are made to measure and its budgets are closed and adjusted to the needs of each person. In addition, the packages created specifically for international patients include certain advantages that will facilitate the experience in Spain, such as the first visit with Tambre’s medical specialist is always completely free. UK patients can also count on Darya Kozlyk, our patient care coordinator, who is based in London and is available to answer any questions about the clinic, its techniques or treatment arrangements.

Once patients decide to move towards parenthood, Tambre will make it all easier. The staff will always offer the airport pick-up, free of charge.

To make the stay of international patients as comfortable as possible, Tambre has agreements with good cost-quality ratio hotels that are near Tambre’s excellent location. Furthermore, the hotel’s prices are not influenced by seasonality (as other accommodations).

The patient care department will assist with the necessary booking

Tambre’s treatments are tailored to the patient’s wishes, which simply means that the patient will not pay more than necessary. In addition, the team will always be transparent about the total cost of the treatment, ensuring no hidden costs.

Ultrasounds and some tests can be carried out in Spain at no additional cost, although each patient can undergo these tests in their home country if they prefer to. The clinic has contact with several screening agencies in other countries, which have their approval.

In gametes donation processes, all expenses related to the donors are included in the treatment.

In egg donation treatments, it is possible to make two payments, 50 percent is paid before looking for the donor and the remaining 50 percent before making the transfer.

Likewise, the first year of embryo maintenance is included in all packages.

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