Have you checked out our fantastic new TTC support platform, Babble Prime? This service offers a whole host of amazing initiatives, including a global fertility directory, giveaways,  a shop full of discounts and vouchers to help you on your fertility journey and the technology to help you find a buddy who is on the exact same journey as you. 

Babble Prime is the brainchild of IVF babble co-founders, Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page who decided to create the ultimate support network that they felt was missing when they were going through their journey.

Tracey said: “This wonderful service will provide you with a platform that allows you to search for anything you need whilst trying to conceive or considering fertility treatment.”

Wellness advice helping to boost your chances

It’s important to look after your body and mind while trying to conceive (TTC) and to help to get your eggs and sperm in the best possible shape. We hope to save you hundreds of hours of research and uncertainty by taking you through what you need to do, step by step, to get the most out of your treatment outcome.

The Directory helps you to Find and Connect

Babble Prime offers free access to a global listing of clinics and fertility services. Whether you are searching for a clinic, a donor bank, a surrogacy agency, fertility events, a support group, complementary therapies or a friend in your neighbourhood or around the globe, All you need to do is click on what you are looking for, the distance from your preferred location, then type in the area or country you are looking for and use the filters to define your search.

TTC Buddy

We know that going through fertility issues can mean you feel incredibly isolated, lonely and in despair. This is why we have created a TTC Buddy search within the platform. By signing up and filling out your profile, you will be able to filter your own search and find someone in your local area or globally who is going through a similar experience to you. We are all about creating a community of people who want to support each other through what is a very stressful time.

Sara said: “When I was going through fertility treatment, I didn’t know anyone else in the same situation and I truly wish I’d had someone I could talk to, meet for coffee and just have something in common. My own friends just didn’t get how I was feeling. It can be such an overwhelming experience and the more people you have in your corner, who really understand, the better. The TTC Buddy is the perfect place to find those friends.”

Babble Prime discounts

Behind the scenes we have been working our socks off to get you some fabulous discount codes, vouchers and giveaways from top companies and retailers across the globe. The products and their discounts you see within Babble Prime have been carefully researched. You will find a wide range of products including supplements, ovulation tests, paraben free cleaning sprays, candles and cleansers. You will find yoga courses, online fertility support courses, food delivery and holidays. The list goes on.

As the community grows within Babble Prime, so will the experience

We have exciting plans for a tailored wellbeing section and even more discounts on products!

We are also giving away free Ava Fertility Bracelets, worth £149!

Babble Prime membership starts at £4.99 per month which is less than the price of a couple of cups of coffee. For three months it is just £12.99 and £24.99 for six months. However, If you take out an annual Babble Prime membership of just £44.99, the first 100 to sign up will receive an Ava Fertility Bracelet, worth £149!

To find out more about this great fertility resource, click here to sign up and start getting those fantastic discounts and offers whilst making lifelong friends along the way.

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