Australia’s Bachelorette Angie Kent discusses endometriosis battle

The Australian bachelorette Angie Kent has spoken candidly about her four-year struggle with her endometriosis diagnosis and how it could affect her future plans for children

She told Australian website, Body and Soul, her periods are so painful she sometimes feels ‘faint’ has problems with bowel movements and urinating and excessive bleeding.

She said: “My mood changes so much that I am not my usual ‘Angie self’ which can be quite daunting. The pain can stop me leaving the house.”

She explains that she went to see her doctor after her period pain was so severe and her anxiety was out of control. She was offered an ultrasound after her doctor suspected endometriosis but was told she would need exploratory surgery to further investigate her symptoms – and the diagnosis was confirmed.

She was originally given the pill to manage the symptoms but has since started trying natural remedies after getting support from a naturopath.

Asked what the worst thing about endometriosis was, she said the not knowing and fear of future fertility

The 29-year-old said: “The fear of the future and not being able to conceive easily does rear its ugly head from time to time, but I also believe it is out of my control. What will be will be. I will leave it up to the universe.”

She plans to get a good handle on her fertility cycle and hormones using natural methods and hopes to start a family within the next three years. But if she can’t have children she will look at adopting or fostering.

She said: “I will always be a mother. I don’t think giving birth to a child defines whether or not you are a mother. Caring, loving and supporting something unconditionally, now that’s a mumma.”

What would she advise other women who have been recently diagnosed?

She said: “Do your research. Know your worth and love yourself to fix the pain and hurt, because you are not alone – and your health is more than worth it.”

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