Reality television star Gemma Collins reveals she may never have children

The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins has said she may never have children, despite expressing a desire to be a mother in previous episodes of the reality television show

The 38-year-old was talking on her new BBC podcast when she compared herself to US actress Jennifer Aniston and said she didn’t know if she would ever be ready.

She said she had recently started thinking about it again after looking after children at a party she attended.

She said: “Sometimes I think, ‘should I have a kid? I don’t know. I’ve got so many of my friends kids that love me, these kids. I mean I’m not just saying it, they love me. I love them because I get to hand them back and get a peaceful night’s sleep.”

She said the argument she had with herself is whether she can handle the responsibility.

She said: “Jennifer Aniston said ‘I don’t have kids and that doesn’t define me as a woman’.

“That was the best statement I’ve heard my whole life because that’s what I regularly say to people now.”

Gemma visited a fertility clinic back in 2017 when she wanted to look into freezing her eggs and following tests was told she had low egg reserve

At the time she vowed to do whatever it takes to have children and began looking into her options, including IVF and egg donation.

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