Ola Jordan opens up about the emotional moment she discovered she was pregnant via IVF

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan has revealed she struggled to tell husband, James of her positive pregnancy test following IVF treatment

The popular dancers have been trying to conceive naturally for three years without success, which is when they turned to fertility treatment.

Ola, 36, announced the news on Instagram, saying she couldn’t believe that she was able to say she is expecting a baby and the couple were excited to welcome their new addition.

She told her 221,000 followers: “I can’t wait to meet this little person growing inside me and give them all the love I possibly can. Getting pregnant wasn’t straightforward for us and it’s been a long and emotional journey but were one of the lucky ones. My heart goes out to all those couples still trying for that magical moment and I’ll always keep a prayer in my heart for you.”

The couple appeared on ITV’s Loose Women this week and told how she was shocked to see the positive test

Ola said: “When we decided to have children it just didn’t happen and it was heartbreaking.

“It is really hard, mentally more than physically. You are injecting and you’re swollen even before you are pregnant and the press were saying I was already pregnant. It was mentally hard with the injections, how many eggs you create and then you wait for the phone call and there might not be any embryos.  But we have been so lucky.

Asked when they found out if it had worked, Ola said: “I did a test and was a little naughty. I felt different and knew something was there. He was on the golf course. I cried when I saw the result. I was over the moon, the thing is with IVF, because we couldn’t get pregnant for a long time, you don’t believe it. Is everything okay? Is it normal?

“I couldn’t say the words as I was so upset, I was so happy. I did loads of tests.

James said: “I felt amazing, it’s a very special thing. At the beginning I didn’t want to get too excited because I know lots of things can still happen and miscarriages can happen, and tried to be realistic.

Ola said: “It’s hard for me but it is hard for the man. Fertility treatment is focused on the women but men are affected as well, they want a baby as well.”

The couple revealed Ola suffered with morning sickness every day for 14 weeks

James said: “I have always been very protective and even more so now. Seeing what she has been through makes me realise how strong women are and I have a newfound respect.”

James said: “We got asked by a lot of people when we were having children and it can be very upsetting, which is why we did the IVF story to say we were going through IVF – and the questions stopped.

Ola, who revealed she is 16 weeks, said it helped them to speak out about their issues.

James said they were one of the lucky ones but they had been contacted by a lot of people via social media about their journeys and many were not able to have children.

“Some people go through this ten times and we only did it once so we feel incredibly lucky.

Asked what he would say to anyone who is struggling to have children.

He said: “I would say keep trying, never give up.”

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