Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital are offering another free IVF!

When faith meets hope, life finds a way

That’s the motto of Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital, based in Bulgaria – a place where any challenging, complicated or even desperate fertility case is readily accepted and helped

Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital was founded by Dr Georgi Stamenov – a respected reproductive specialist

The hospital is state-of-the-art multi-speciality in Sofia, Bulgaria, focused on helping women have babies and maintaining the health of women and their families.

Nadezhda has a team of 86 highly qualified physicians in the field of fertility treatment, obstetrics and gynaecology, general and plastic surgery, neonatology and paediatrics, reproductive immunology, genetics, endocrinology, anaesthesiology, oncology and virology.

There is also an in-house research and development team working on new therapies for achieving conception and healthy pregnancy for patients

More than 5,000 IVF/ICSI cycles are performed annually at Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital;  with 12 per cent of fertility patients being international

In the last five years nearly 9,000 babies were born at Nadezhda and the hospital treated 570,000 patients.

What makes the clinic different is the will and courage to take and successfully treat the most difficult fertility cases, including women above 40 years willing to have babies with their own eggs, recipients above 50 for egg donation program, women suffering several IVF/ICSI failures or multiple miscarriages, severe male factor. We accept each patient with individual approach, understanding and empathy.

If you have treatment at Nadezhda your fertility consultant is your treating physician – responsible for all ultrasound scans, assigning and monitoring your ovarian stimulation, egg collection and embryo transfer. Thus you have a close relation with your doctor and the most consistent medical care.

Eliminating apoptotic sperm cells in sperm selection is performed via MACS.

Inseminating eggs by ICSI is a standard procedure at Nadezhda Hospital. IMSI is also available for selecting sperm with very poor morphology.

The embryos are cultured in an EmbryoScope.

For additional embryo selection we offer pre-implantation genetic screening with 99 per cent accuracy via NGS. Various ‘embryo glues’ are applied before embryo transfer based on endometrial biopsy results on endometrium immunologic status and implantation window.

The number of embryos decided for transfer is jointly based on three factors, these being woman’s fertility history, age and embryo quality.

Poor ovarian stimulation responders are offered generous discounts for embryo banking in order to achieve enough viable embryos for transfer. Pregnancy support therapies are prescribed individually as well as specialised immunology monitoring during pregnancy.

Nadezhda works with fresh donor eggs, has an in-house sperm bank and the biggest on the Balkans stem cell bank

For international patients, Nadezhda, jointly with its partner Medspa, offers package programs with no waiting time for treatment and reliable timely support before, during and after your IVF journey. We arrange your treatment minimizing your absence from work and travel expenses.

For more than ten years, Dr Stamenov’s team has actively participated in a number of campaigns helping couples with reproductive problems, including:

  • Creation of the National Assisted Reproduction Centre, which is currently financing up to four IVF trials of Bulgarian families as well as egg freezing for women below 35 with cancer;
  • Free fertility consultations, IVF procedures, gynecology surgeries, pregnancy monitoring, baby delivery – in Nadezhda Hospital as well as visiting remote locations in the countryside where fertility care is of limited access;
  • Free egg and sperm freezing to women and men who have cancer, before passing chemotherapy.
  • Social egg freezing information campaigns;
  • Information campaigns together with ‘Maiki za donorstvo’ (Mums for donation) foundation about egg and sperm donation importance;
  • Fertility information campaigns jointly with ‘Zachatie’ (Conception), ‘Iskam bebe’ (I want a baby) and ‘Maiki za donorstvo’ (Mums for donation) NGOs.

Nadezhda Hospital is proud to join IVF babble initiative to support people have their baby sooner and at less costalso help create awareness of quality fertility treatment options abroad.

To those experiencing fertility problems, our message is: Don’t give up. When faith meets hope, diligence and technology, life finds a way!

Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital’s free IVF offer terms and conditions:

Three IVF/ICSI procedures, comprising of:
Assigning and monitoring the ovarian stimulation including scans and  hormone tests for FSH, LH, estradiol and progesterone, egg collection, egg fertilization with ICSI, embryo culturing in an Embryoscope – by blastocysts, embryo transfer; the ovarian stimulation medicines.
Women to qualify: by the age of 42 and with AMH over 7 pmol/L.
Can be male factor too.
Single women also qualify.

Two egg donation procedures, comprising of:
Five fresh mature eggs guaranteed. Egg fertilisation with ICSI, embryo culturing in an Embryoscope – by blastocysts, embryo transfer.
Women to qualify – by the age of 52; including single women.
Can be male factor as well.

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