London Science Museum adds IVF babble pineapple pin to its IVF exhibition

When we launched our pineapple pin campaign two years ago we had no idea of the impact it would have

Launched as a symbol of love, hope and solidarity among people who were trying and struggling to conceive, the pin became a nationwide sensation with celebrities and influencers taking to their social media feeds to don the pins and speak openly about their fertility issues.

Just some of the well known personalities who appeared on social media television presenters, Fearne Cotton, Konnie Huq, Kate Thornton, Izzy Judd and Saima Khan.

Now thousands of pins have been sold and the London Science Museum has even added it within its special IVF exhibition.

The pin was launched in Fertility Awareness Week in 2017 as part of IVF Babble’s campaign #ivfstrongertogether

The initiative is to help people struggling with the solitude of infertility by breaking the silence and getting people talking and sharing experiences.

IVF Babble co-founders Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page said: “We can’t quite believe that our little pineapple pin has made it into the London Science Museum. When we launched the pin we never realised how much it would mean to people. It really has become a symbol of hope, love and support within the TTC (trying to conceive) community.

“Some clinics now hand the pin out to patients while others encourage their staff to wear the pin. It’s so lovely for patients to see their doctors and nurses recognising the importance of emotional support when they are going through an incredibly difficult and testing time.

Sara Marshall-Page said “We wanted to help bring light to the fact that those going through this are not alone, there are millions of people who understand how you are feeling. They too are feeling the anguish, sadness, desperation and fear.

“These emotions are shared across the globe and knowing that someone else is experiencing the same set of emotions has been a huge comfort to our readers.

“We are delighted that the pin has made such an impact and continues to give people hope and determination while on their journey. Thank you to the London Science Museum for acknowledging the significance of the pin.”

If you would like to buy a Pineapple Pin head to the shop section on If you are a clinic or complementary therapist who would like your patients to have a pineapple pin, please get in touch at

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