“Having leukaemia has not stopped me from fulfilling my dream of becoming a mother”

A Scottish entertainment reporter has opened up about her battle with leukaemia and how with the help of a surrogate she will become a mother

Laura Boyd, who works for news and entertainment channel, STV, said that she believed surrogacy to be a ‘miracle’ and that she will welcome a daughter with her husband at Christmas time.

Laura has been on drugs to control her leukaemia for the past ten years and said that even though it had not affected her fertility, she knew it was unlikely she would carry her own child.

She wrote in a blog on the STV website: “There is nothing I haven’t been able to do – except have a baby. Leukaemia hasn’t affected my fertility, but it’s unlikely I could carry a child to term.

“I found this out by coming off my drugs to see how my body would cope. Answer was: it didn’t. The cancerous cells multiplied and I was told there was a chance that if I did get pregnant the cancer could get so aggressive I could be forced to choose between my life or the baby’s.”

Laura, 36, said the couple felt like they had nowhere to turn until a family member offered to become her surrogate.

She also spoke out about ‘antiquated surrogacy laws’ and called for the law to be ‘rewritten’

There is currently a review of surrogacy laws being held by the Law Commission, which is due to be published in October

Laura will have to apply for parental rights six weeks after the child is born as currently the legal parents of the child will be the surrogate and sometimes her husband.

She concluded: “Surrogacy is an incredibly personal matter and it feels strange to speak out about someone else carrying your child. I hope that by doing this, I can help others in a similar situation see the other routes available to them.

“It’s something I haven’t really discussed, other than with those closest to me, until now. I hope this means I can talk about having a baby without having to explain while I don’t have a bump (sadly, that’s just pizza).

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