IVF Turkey and their generous free IVF offer in this global free IVF draw

So far we have eleven new IVF giveaways in this new round of free offers from around the world. Over the coming weeks we will be talking more about the incredible leading global clinics taking part! 

IVF Turkey is the latest clinic to so generously offer our readers one free IVF cycle at its clinic in Istanbul. Here we talk to the clinic to find out all about them and what they can offer you in the this second round of free IVFs!

Tell us about IVF Turkey?

The clinic was founded in 1989 by Professor Teksen Camlibel as the first private IVF centre of Istanbul, and he has been the pioneer of the infertility treatment in Turkey. He is a well-known obstetrician & gynaecologist, specialising in infertility and gynaecologic-Oncology.

He practiced for 12 years in the US and 22 years in Turkey.

In 2005, Prof Camlibel’s son;Ugur Camlibel, established the International Patient Department of Jinemed and named it as IVF TURKEY. Under the umbrella of IVF Turkey he brings together the resources in IVF services with advanced scientific care.

Today IVF Turkey serves couples from all over the world in several clinics in Istanbul. The team consists of many gynaecologists and embryologists under the leadership of Prof Camlibel.

What is the company’s ethos?

Our patients are at the heart of everything and empathy is essential to understand their journey. Therefore, all our team members are very aware that it is an emotional journey and we take care of every step of our patients’ journey from initial assessment till the end.

Our goal is to make the IVF process as easy as possible for our patients.  For this reason, each patient has a patient coordinator who supports patients during the whole treatment and coordinates patient-doctor-clinic personnel relations to make everything as clear as possible for couples.

What makes the company different from other clinics?

IVF Turkey is the first IVF centre of Turkey and therefore a centre of knowledge. Many doctors apply to work with us and would like to benefit from our knowledge, and that makes us a choice of education and prestige. We still work with doctors who were once our staff doctors at IVF Turkey. Our relations with our specialists is never-ending, and we believe that this makes us improve further.

What are the different types of services you offer?

We provide IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, time lapse, PGD, CGH, sperm-egg- embryo freezing, frozen embryo transfer, micro TESE for male infertility and gynaecologic surgeries for both fertility reasons and general reasons.

How do you support people going through infertility issues?

The support through the whole journey is very crucial, as you would agree the infertility treatments can never be stress-free, but having the right support makes a huge difference. Patient coordinators are the direct support of our patients. Our team members take care of all needs of patients and support them during their IVF journey.

We also have counsellors at our clinic if the patient requests. However, since patients are also coming from abroad, it is not possible to meet our counsellors before their arrival. They can have their support during their stay in Turkey. For this reason, we consider our patient coordinators as our counsellors as they deal with all the details.

Why have you decided to partner IVF babble with our free IVF draw?

We think that IVF babble is doing a great job by increasing fertility awareness and by being an excellent support for people who are having fertility problems. We appreciate IVF babble’s perception on IVF Clinics abroad and their aim to inform couples about different alternatives and to introduce them the leader clinics within the IVF field. These precious intentions of IVF babble made us also decide on a free IVF cycle for their readers.

What message would you give to anyone who may be experiencing fertility issues?

The treatment of fertility requires time. Therefore, all women should firstly know the menopausal age of their mothers. They shall complete their conception plans before this age to be on the safe side. If they miss it, they shall move forward with fertility treatments without losing time in the health systems of their countries.

We now live in a global world, and there are many IVF clinics which are very successful both in organising and treating multi-language IVF patients from all over the World.

To enter this incredible draw now click here.


IVF Turkey’s Terms and Conditions of the free cycle draw

What is included: 

Drugs associated with the treatment until pregnancy test
Scans and blood tests during the stimulation
Anaesthesia for egg collection
IVF/ICSI and Embryo Transfer

Terms and conditions:

According to Turkish Law, couples must be married

Preferred age is not above 38, with normal egg reserve and normal BMI

Treatment to start on day two of cycle and couple is required to stay in Istanbul for three weeks for treatment

Prof Dr Teksen Camlibel and Dr Handan Namli work in IVF Turkey Kalamis Clinic

Dates shall be arranged previously so that the doctors will be available

Patients can use both airports in Istanbul

Hotel and travel costs are not included, but patients will be advised of several options for accommodation

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