Free cycles of IVF donated across the globe to celebrate World Fertility Day

Hopeful couples across the world will be in with the chance of receiving a free cycle of IVF as part of a global initiative

Organised by leading fertility magazine IVF Babble, the initiative will see 12 IVF cycles in the UK, USA, South Africa, India, Turkey and Bulgaria donated to lucky applicants who have struggled to start a family of their own.

Magazine co-founders Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page launched the scheme as a response to the unfair ‘postcode lottery’ when it comes to free IVF provisions along with the rising cost of IVF across the globe. The pair began forming partnerships with leading clinics around the world and together donating cycles to couples suffering from fertility problems. So far, three babies have been born as a result and a further four women are pregnant.

Tracey Bambrough said: “We are overwhelmed and beyond excited that in just one year with our free IVF initiatives, three couples now have their much yearned for babies and four more are pregnant too.

“It makes this whole project so worthwhile and we will keep doing this with the support of the amazing clinics making this happen”

“It’s fantastic that we are able to donate no less than 12 cycles around the world to people who desperately want to start a family. The provision for people suffering infertility differs vastly just in the UK, let alone the rest of the world, so to be able to help people on their journeys is so meaningful to us.

“Both Sara and I know the emotional turmoil involved when struggling to conceive. We are now helping make an incredible difference in people’s lives and allowing them the chance to become the parents they always dreamed they would be.”

The clinics taking part in the global giveaway so far include Bourn Hall, the Lister Fertility Clinic, and Belfast Fertility in the UK, Vios Fertility in the USA, Bloom Fertility in India, IVF Turkey, Nadezhda Fertility Clinic in Bulgaria and Hart Fertility Clinic in South Africa with even more amazing clinics supporting this fantastic initiative being announced very soon.

Each clinic will have the opportunity to talk about their offering at a special event in London on World Fertility Day and the recipients will be chosen and announced in December

Lucky couples will be chosen at random by the world’s first IVF baby Louise Brown

Louise said: “My mum would be amazed at the way IVF has developed and the techniques available to people today. I was given the middle name of Joy, because they felt IVF would bring the joy of children to so many people. This initiative by IVF Babble is a fantastic way to spread joy and hope.”

To find out more or to enter this fantastic initiative, visit here

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