Couple sell business and family home to fund IVF journey

A couple from Aberdeen have told how they sold their home and business to fund IVF to complete their family

Gemma Chalmers and partner, John Jones, had son Kayle, now four, after a ten year fertility struggle.

The 36-year-old had suffered two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in her having a fallopian tubes, before she became pregnant with Kayle.

But she knew that even before she had Kayle she wanted to have a sibling for him to grow up with.

She told the Mirror: “We desperately wanted a sibling for Kayle – he got on so well with his cousins who were a similar age, so we knew he would be great with a little brother or sister too.

“I have two brothers and my partner has a brother as well so we both know how good it is to have siblings.”

The couple were told they would not be eligible for NHS IVF as they already had a child so started trying naturally

Gemma experienced another ectopic pregnancy, which meant her second fallopian tube had to be removed and ending any chance of them getting pregnant naturally.

Soon after Gemma sold her flat she leased to raise funds for IVF, raising £20,000 so the couple could begin treatment.

She also sold her mobile hair salon for a further £8,000 to help pay additional fees

Baby Lilly finally arrived, completing their perfect family. Gemma said: “Having my dream family is worth all the money in the world – I’d have spent my last penny for it all if I’d have needed to.

“I don’t mind the fact I had to sell my business and give up my job because I love being a full time mummy.

“We still have two frozen embryos, so there’s still a chance for us to try again, but for now, I couldn’t be happier to have my two, amazing children.”

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