Woman becomes surrogate so best friends can add to their family

A woman from Cheshire became surrogate to her best friends after hearing about their struggle to conceive baby number two

Kimberley Bott’s husband, Marc, had been down the pub with best friend, Paul Bullock, who revealed in an emotional chat over a pint that he and wife, Kelly, desperately wanted a sibling for their son, Brody, in 2013.

But due to the debilitating condition, symphysis pubis dysfunction, which causes severe pelvic pain, it could leave Kelly wheelchair-bound.

The condition should resolve after birth but this was not the case for Kelly and she is now in daily pain, the couple told the Mirror.

Paul told Marc the couple’s only chance was to find a surrogate that would help them.

Marc went home and told Kimberley who immediately said she could do it

Kim said: “We both laughed it off, but I did some research online to see how it worked and what it entailed.”

Marc and Paul went out again and Paul broke down, saying how hard it was on the couple.

After talking it through, Kelly said she wanted to help the couple, with Marc fully supporting her decision.

Kim then met with Kelly to offer her help, which was an emotional meeting

Kelly said: “I just burst out crying. I was like ‘wow’. I wasn’t expecting it in a million years. She has a heart of gold.”

The couples chose Manchester Fertility Clinic and began IVF treatment. Kelly’s egg were removed, with eight fertilising.

It turned out to be third time lucky for the couple, after two devastating failures.

Kelly was induced at 39 weeks and baby Riley was born in April 2018.

The couples remain close and see each other regularly.

It has had a real impact on Kim who plans to start training as a midwife this month.

She said: “Being a surrogate has changed the path of my life. It feels powerful.”

Have you been a surrogate for your best friend? We’d love to hear your story, email mystory@ivfbabble.com

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