US actress Camille Guaty pregnant with first child using donor egg after failed IVF attempts

Actress Camille Guaty has revealed she is expecting her first child using a donor egg after five failed IVF rounds

The 43-year-old called the pregnancy ‘a gift’ after her and husband, Sy Rhys Kaye, had the help of a woman who donated her eggs so they could conceive.

Camille, who was recently a guest star in the Good Doctor playing a pregnant woman, said she wants to be open about her journey to take away the stigma around fertility challenges and encourage more people to talk about their issues.

The former Prison Break star was told at the age of 39 she had low ovarian reserve and her eggs were the equivalent to the age of a 50-year-old.

The couple, who married in 2011, went on to try five IVF cycles all of which failed and then started on the donor egg route.

Second time lucky with donor eggs

The first round of donor eggs failed and so the couple decided to start again with a fresh donor.

They only got two embryos, with only one being viable for transfer – but that turned out to be the lucky one.

She said on her Instagram page: “I can’t believe I can finally say “I’m pregnant!” After five years of trying, five failed cycles my husband an I went with a donor.

“Our faith carried us through the ups and downs and our believe in God gave us the courage to know the impossible was possible through him.

“I share my story not because it is unique but because I think it’s something we don’t talk about.”

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