Mosie Baby – Try Before IUI

What is Mosie Baby?

Meet Mosie, the perfect syringe for making a baby at home. If you want to start a family, but traditional methods are either: A) not working as quickly as you’d hoped or B) not an option, then Mosie can help. Designed by women specifically for conception, Mosie is a proven, affordable alternative worth trying before IUI and in some cases, IVF. And it’s as familiar to use as a tampon. Mosie is MD-endorsed with a patent-pending design that’s simply perfect for making a baby at home! To learn more about Mosie and how Mosie has helped women and couples conceive their Mosie babies, visit

How was Mosie “born”?

Mosie Baby was “born” from a simple idea one couple had after two and a half years of trying to start their family. Maureen and Marc Brown were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and their doctor thought they’d be good candidates for intrauterine insemination (IUI), which places sperm directly into the uterus. They thought that there should be a solution for home insemination when traditional methods aren’t living up to the hype or aren’t an option — a safe, comfortable and affordable alternative to try before attempting more invasive and costly procedures. When they couldn’t find this option, they decided to create Mosie. After many rounds of revisions, tests, consultations with fertility experts and prototypes, they created the patent-pending Mosie syringe. After two and a half years of trying and IUI expenses with their first child, Maureen and Marc became pregnant with their second child after a single cycle with Mosie! The first “Mosie Baby” is a healthy baby boy born in August of 2016.

Who is Mosie for?

Mosie has helped people from all walks of life including: couples with unexplained infertility, the LGBTQ community, women suffering from vaginismus, PCOS, endometriosis and tilted uterus, as well as male factor issues like low motility, sperm count, and performance anxiety. Not to mention single mothers by choice (SMC), and frustrated couples that need a break from the stress and want to know they’ve done everything they could on their own before spending big on clinical options. Read these success stories and more on

How does Mosie work?

Mosie is a syringe designed to transfer sperm to the cervical opening with the goal of achieving conception. Mosie is deceptively simple, but has proven to be quite effective for many women and couples. Designed with input from a fertility specialist, Mosie is ideal for helping with potential obstacles that certain couples may have between placement, fluctuation of ejaculation, and performance obstacles. Beyond this, being able to use Mosie in the comfort of your own home and on your own terms can be a stress reliever when it comes to conception. So whether or not you have something physically preventing you from conceiving or you just need a break from the stress of conception, Mosie is here to help.

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