Gay couple ask public to help them raise $25,000 for IVF

A gay couple from New Zealand are appealing to the public to help them raise funds for a family of their own

Ryan Curring, 27, and his husband, Jerome Pacquing, 25, from Tauranga, New Zealand have already chosen an egg donor and a surrogate but need an additional $25,000 for fertility treatment, the Daily Mail Australia, has reported.

In New Zealand and Australia a typical IVF cycle can cost anywhere between $A11,000 and $A17,000.

Same sex couples do not have access to publicly funded fertility treatment.

To help raise the funds, the couple have turned to fundraising website, Givealittle

The couple have been married for just over a year and told the newspaper that the journey had so far been ‘frustrating’.

He said: “This is mainly because there is so much invested, both emotionally and financially. However our desire to have children outweighs all of that.”

The couple said that they had heard of seven other same sex couples who’d had IVF to become parents, including New Zealand politician, Tamati Coffey.

The pair have said if they fail to raise the money through fundraising they will save the funds, even though it will take them much longer to begin the process.

They have so far raised $A650 and have many messages from donors and well wishers.

To donate to the couple’s fund, click here.

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