Eveline Ovulation Testing kit

Although families and loved ones will always be the first to tell you that “It’ll happen” and that they’re “sure everything will be okay”, at Eveline, we appreciate that you may want something a little more science-based to give you the assurance you’re looking for if you find yourself having difficulty conceiving a baby.

There are never going to be any 100% or water-tight guarantees when it comes to conception, but having Eveline on your side can help give you the best researched chances of conceiving naturally. It’s our belief that the pressure of trying to conceive can actually make things harder in the first place, and so we want to play our part to reduce this.

By tracing the presence of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your urine, the Eveline Ovulation Kit picks up on the exact time in your cycle when your brain sends the signal to your ovaries to release an egg ready for fertilisation.  The test is so accurate that there’s no need to use any other LH based tests to track or confirm ovulation, making it as cost effective as it is time efficient – two huge stresses relieved, to start.

By using Eveline, you’ll always know for certain whether you’re having an ovulation surge or not, meaning that you can plan accordingly as you look to conceive a baby. As for the rest of the time, simply relax.

The Eveline Ovulation Kit doesn’t stop at the detection of LH, however. The technology in our kit even pairs with your smartphone, where your camera will be able to ‘read’ your test for you, to take away any confusion regarding the results of your tests. What’s more, our easy to use App stores all things conception right in one place for you to keep safe, interpret and share in your planning.

Information available and used by the App includes:

The date of your last period (and its duration)

Basal Body Temperature

Mood changes

Fertility windows

LH testing days and results

Notes section for any other data you may wish to use to inform your planning or your doctor

So, if you’re looking to start – or even extend – your family, relax as much as you can, and let Eveline give you the support that sadly, your mother in law and all your mates down the pub with their armies of kids, just can’t provide.

To celebrate the launch of our new Eveline 2.0 App we are giving IVFbabble members the chance to get 20% off your first order or Eveline Ovulation tests from our online shop at www.evelinecare.co.uk. This will give you a cost per test of £2.33 with enough tests per kit (10) for 2 months testing.

Only one discount code is to be used per household, but you can order multiple kits. We’ll even pop a free gift in every order and send an ebook on improving your chance of conception.


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