Egg donation gave me the greatest gift of all

According to the International Medical Travel Journal, 50 percent of egg donation cycles carried out in Europe are completed in Spain and according to researchers this is due to the regulation surrounding the process

Reputed American anthropologist Diane Tober has been focusing her research on gamete donation for many years now. When comparing with her country of origin, Tober said: “Egg donation in Spain is more regulated, which helps to minimize the commercial aspect and lean more toward altruistic.”

This is the route that Caitlin and Tom took after being told they would require an egg donor due to Caitlin’s premature menopause diagnosis in her early 30s.

Caitlin, 32 and Tom, 35, decided to become patients at Fertility Clinic Tambre in Madrid and said they will always be thankful for their egg donor. Here is their story…

Caitlin said: “My husband and I had wanted to have children for quite some time. Actually, right after we got married. So, we started trying to conceive naturally. After a few months, I asked my gynecologist for advice. She said everything should be fine as I am still young. But when I didn’t get pregnant after a year, we visited a fertility clinic and the diagnose was an absolute shock for us: I was suffering from premature menopause being only 30 years old.

“Doctors in England told me that I would never be able to have children of my own and that there was only one option: an egg donation treatment.

“Nevertheless, this kind of treatment is not entirely accessible in the UK. The system for IVF with donor eggs in England differs enormously from the Spanish one. I definitely recommend searching for other options. In Spain there are no waiting lists and it’s an anonymous donation, which was important to us as well.

Spain was the first choice for egg donation treatment

“Therefore, we decided to go to Spain for our treatment, it’s the top destination for assisted reproduction in Europe with the most excellent experts in this field.  So we researched for the best fertility clinics in Spain. We visited three during a little vacation but there was only one that we were drawn to from the beginning – Clínica Tambre in Madrid.

“The main reasons were their extensive experience in fertility and the warm patient care they provided in every single step of the process. Furthermore, their success rates are among the best in Europe. What was also very important to us was the fact that the egg donation programme was adapted individually to our needs. They explained us to us that they use a state-of-the-art facial recognition system in order to find the best matching egg donor for their patients. That way they make sure that the baby will look more like us.

“Ten days after the embryo transfer, my gynecologist back home performed a pregnancy test. I think those were the longest ten days of my life but it was worth it, I was pregnant – after just one attempt.

“We couldn’t believe it. We were overjoyed. And now, we sit here in our house with our little sunshine and we start to realise how incredible it was what our egg donor did for us. I don’t know even where to begin with my gratitude to her and of course also to the team of Clínica Tambre who has made our dream come true.

“She gave us the greatest gift”

“Even though we will never meet her, we thank her for being so selfless to help people form a family by donating her eggs. She gave us the greatest gift. I will continue to be thankful for her every day for the rest of my life and she will always have a very special place in our hearts.”

A spokeswoman for Clinica Tambre said: “At Clinica Tambre, egg donor donor selection follows a rigorous process, as there are both physical and psychological health tests conducted. Likewise, the treatment these women receive is always warm and humane, dedicating them the utmost time to explain in every detail every phase of the treatment they will be subjected to.”

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