Channel 4’s I am series tackles the pressure of being childless in your 30s

The issue of being childless in your 30s has been raised in one of three short films produced for Channel 4

I am Hannah depicts the story of Hannah, played by Gemma Chan, who at 36, is feeling the pressure to have children despite being single.

She is experiencing increased questioning from her family and friends on when she will have children and the film looks at how she deals with the issue.

Gemma’s character is seen meeting several men via a dating app, who all had differing views on having children. She also talks to her doctor about freezing her eggs, something that has become more popular in recent years with women in their mid-30s who have yet to meet their life partner.

“I’ve got friends who feel similar pressures to Hannah”

The drama not only examines external pressures but also the pressure she puts on herself about her biological clock ticking away.

Gemma hopes the show will make people more aware of putting that pressure on themselves and also how family and friends treat the issue and reflect on their questioning.

The actress, known for her role in Crazy Rich Asians and Humans, talked about her role at the launch of the show.

She told the BBC: “A lot of stuff that comes up in this drama comes up in discussions that I’ve had with girlfriends, my mum, my sister.

“I definitely have friends who’ve felt under similar pressures to what Hannah is going through. I wouldn’t say my experience is completely her experience at all, there are a lot of differences, but it is drawn from life.”

The show was aired on August 6 on UK’s Channel 4 but can currently be viewed on C4 iplayer

Are you single and feeling societal pressure to have children? Does your mother ask you constantly when you are planning to have children? Or are you living a happy childless life? We’d love to hear your views, email my

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