Bourn Hall Free IVF Offer Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

The free IVF offer includes initial consultation, pre-treatment tests (ultrasound scan, AMH blood test, semen assessment, virology screening etc), 1 cycle of IVF treatment, plus ICSI if required (below is what is included with our IVF treatment package)

Medical and nursing care

All in-treatment laboratory tests and procedures

All monitoring and scanning costs

Cyst aspiration (if required)

Local anaesthetic or Intravenous sedation (for egg collection only)

Egg Collection

First year storage

Embryo transfer

Pregnancy urine test

Pregnancy ultrasound scan

Follow up consultation (if taken within two months of treatment completion)


The person chosen will have to pay for their medications, blastocyst and cost of freezing any leftover gametes plus the storage of these gametes after the first year. If the male partner requires andrology treatment the consultation with an andrologist is included but any procedures such as SSR etc the winner would have to pay for themselves. It also doesn’t include any adjuvant treatments such as EEVA, Intralipids, IMSI etc but these could be added on at an additional cost. The value of this offer is in excess of £5000

This offer does not include any costs of having donor treatment

If the person chosen needed donor eggs or sperm we would deduct the costs of the above and the recipient would need to pay the additional costs.

This offer could not be used against surrogacy treatment.

Will the subscriber be treated immediately and what is the age limit?

We will liaise with the subscriber and aim to get them a consultation to start treatment as soon as possible, depending on their cycle. The age limit for patients to have treatment using their own eggs is 43, if they are over this age we would only offer treatment using donated eggs up to a maximum age of 50.

Any offer of treatment is subject to the relevant welfare of child checks and also please be aware we are unable to treat people here who are Hep B, C or HIV positive. Patients would also need to have a suitable BMI to undergo treatment, if the patient or partner BMI is too high treatment will not be able to start until this is reduced to within the required limits.

If the subscriber has travelled to a Zika affected country they will be required to wait the length of the relevant quarantine period before treatment could commence.

How will this work if the person chosen doesn’t live in the UK?

The person chosen can choose from any one of our clinics to have their treatment (Cambridge, Norwich, Colchester, Wickford). If they live outside of the UK they will need to arrange to be in the UK for the duration of their treatment. This would be for the subscriber to arrange and any costs incurred would be their responsibility.

To enter this fantastic free IVF initiative, click here.

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