BBC’s Horrible Histories presenter Greg Jenner reveals ten year fertility struggle

A BBC children’s presenter has opened up about becoming a father after a ten year fertility struggle

Horrible Histories presenter Greg Jenner told his 76,000 Twitter followers of his and his wife’s delight at the birth of their daughter, Esme and that their journey to parenthood had been an ‘excruciating’ road.

He said: “You might have noticed that I have had a lot of down days on here.

“In 2014 I married my wonderful wife, after a decade together, and we began trying to get pregnant. It didn’t go as we had hoped. First, 2 years of nothing. Then in 2016, 2 miscarriages.

“Then in early 2017, an ectopic miscarriage. I can’t tell you how devastating it was to feel hope then despair on a loop.”

The couple were advised that their next step was IVF but due to NHS guidelines they were told they would have to wait three years for treatment,

But thanks to a kindly doctor they managed to get two rounds funded, but sadly both failed

They then decided to look into adoption as the next step if their privately funded IVF rounds failed.

In 2018 the couple did four cycles of IVF, with the final round working and last week they welcomed their daughter after a complicated pregnancy journey.

Greg said in a series of heartfelt tweets: “I’m sharing this story because infertility is an agony often felt in private. People rarely knew how to talk to us. It sometimes made me angry there wasn’t more awareness. But I get why that is because I kept it hidden. I was scared. And I still don’t want to talk about it now.”

He said he did not want to become an IVF spokesman or relive what the couple had gone through.

“I’m sharing this because I feel I should, not because I want to.”

After posting the thread he was overwhelmed with the response and said he’d ‘bawled’ his eyes out and thanked Twitter for the support.

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