Lance Bass talks of struggles to become a parent using surrogacy

US singer Lance Bass has spoken to the media about the struggles he and his husband, Michael Turchin have faced to become parents via surrogacy

The 40-year-old told US media outlets that the couple had been trying for several years but – like many others – had experienced many disappointments along the way.

He told the She Knows website in an interview that he felt like the couple were getting closer to their dream.

He said: “We’re trying to be as transparent as we can be with this whole process because we know how difficult IVF and surrogacy can be, and that there are a lot of families out there who are also going through this and having a hard time with it.”

He said the couple had come across a lot of ‘challenges’ in the past year.

“We were supposed to be pregnant last August,” he says. “And it’s already June again, so hopefully we will have some good news in the near future.”

Musician Lance, who became a household name with the band NSYNC, said the couple had so far had help from six egg donors, but none had been successful so far.

But number seven is looking promising and we will keep our fingers crossed for them

Lance said he has wanted to be a father for as far back as he can remember but never thought it would be a possibility for gay man.

Asked if he is concerned about his age and biological clock, he said: “Everyone these days is having kids later in life…and I respect that. I am glad I am doing it now. I don’t want to be so old I can’t enjoy my grandkids.”

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