I was surrogate for my brother’s baby

A sister has given her brother the ultimate gift – being his surrogate so he could have a baby with his partner

Chapelle Cooper, 27, agreed to help couple, Scott Stephenson and his partner, Michael Smith after they found other routes to parenthood too expensive and complex.

Scott, 30, and Michael, 29, from Blackpool, Lancashire, had been looking at adoption for some time but when Chapelle said she would help the couple, they were obviously delighted.

The baby was conceived using her egg and Michael’s sperm and born last week.

Baby Harper Elizabeth Smith was born weighing 5lbs 5oz and is doing well.

Chapelle told the Mirror: “Surrogacy was brought up but there was a worry about trusting someone, and it was very expensive.

“So I offered to do it and we took it from there.”

Scott, who is Chapelle’s half brother said what she was doing as ‘incredible’.

He said: “It has brought us together as a family, what was already a strong bond is now even closer.

“I saw the labour and the physical pain she went through and it changes you.

“Chapelle will be a very special aunt.”

The couple, who are engaged after meeting in 2015, said they are delighted with the new addition to the family.

Their parents will help out with childcare.

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