Autoimmune Institute

Founded by natural health specialist Greg Williams and his wife Donna, we are a family run health company, based in the UK, who offer market leading, ultra-high quality, pure, effective natural health supplements to people who need them most.

For a long time, Donna struggled badly with her health. She has an autoimmune condition known as Ulcerative Colitis (which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

In particular, she was extremely fatigued, in a lot of pain, and was visiting the toilet (urgently) several times a day.

Fortunately, Donna has now been able to completely turn her health around (naturally).

There are many steps Donna took to get to that place, but this experience showed them just how important it is to have your health and do all you can to support your health as much as possible.  Poor health can completely control your life and prevent the body from doing everything that it should be able to so you can live a life on your terms.

One thing they realised is that unfortunately many of the health supplements on the market can be very poor quality, contain potentially problematic ingredients, or are very ineffective and not what a person truly needs.

Therefore, Greg, Donna and their team decided to produce a range of ultra-high quality supplements, with very pure ingredients. And so the Autoimmune Institute was born.

At the Autoimmune Institute your health matters to us. After what Donna lived with for many years, we realise that good health is the most important thing you can have in life, and is an incredibly important factor in fertility (for both men and women) and growing a healthy child. Therefore, we will never offer you second rate supplements. We will offer you the products and services that we truly believe in and the best quality we can source.  They are produced in the UK, to extremely high manufacturing standards and using the highest quality ingredients we can find.

Our range includes numerous products beneficial for your health including our Advanced Turmeric (one of the most popular and effective turmeric supplements in the UK), our Advanced Multi (a multivitamin and mineral formula which uses optimal doses of each nutrient in their most effective form – including folate as opposed to the synthetic folic acid), Advanced Fish Oils (extremely pure, high strength omega 3 fish oil), Advanced Vegan Protein (the best healthy, great tasting vegan protein powder available), and much more.

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