US star Julianne Hough and husband, Brook to have IVF to complete their family

US personality Julianne Hough and her husband, NFK star Brook Laich will have IVF to realise their dream of becoming parents

Brook told USA Today that they had decided to have IVF to increase their chances after Julianne was diagnosed with endometriosis.

He said that people should perceive the treatment with ‘no shame or guilt’ and plans to talk about it on his popular podcast on his iHeartRadio show, How Men Think, with co-host Gavin DeGraw.

Julianne, who is a judge on America’s Got Talent, has long been open about her struggle with endometriosis, which is said to affect one in ten women in the US, according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists.

She has said in the past: “I thought it was just what it feels like to be a girl with bad periods. I didn’t think to go to a gynecologist. Because I am a competitor, I felt like I had to push on through the pain and work.”

She kept her diagnosis a secret for some time and didn’t even tell her husband-to-be until before they married in July 2017.

She spoke about her diagnosis in an interview in the same year, she said: “I’ve been really lucky that I’m able to come across things that maybe could have been challenging in the future. But now that I know, and that I’ve had conversations with my doctor, we’re good.”

Julianne is one of a number of celebrities who have been open about their fertility struggle, including Chrissy Teigen, Emma Bunton, Penny McNamee and Gabrielle Union.

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