Tracey and Sara to visit Midwest Reproductive Symposium International in Chicago

IVF babble co-founders Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page will this week travel to Chicago to attend the 2019 Midwest Reproductive Symposium International (MRSi)

This will be the third year the pair have attended the event, which is held to bring together fertility experts from across the globe.

The three-day event, being held from June 5 to June 8, is aimed at physicians, mental health professionals and scientists, and is a mixture of interactive workshops, lectures and panel discussions, with the objective of presenting the latest research, technologies and education in reproductive medicine.

The event began in 2003 and has since grown into one of the world’s largest and most respected reproductive expos

Tracey said: “We are delighted to be going back to the MRSi for a third year and are excited to meet new and existing friends in the US. We are there to learn and further our understanding of the newest technologies and innovations in the world of fertility, as well as spread our message of breaking down the taboos and opening up the conversation on the many ways to parenthood in the 21st century.”

For 2019,  MRSi has said it will unveil the world’s first tech-enabled automated cryostorage platform, TMRW, that utilizes robotics to identify, freeze and store reproductive cells and embryos. Clinics will soon have the option to seamlessly transition from analog to automation when storing human tissues.  TMRW’s technology reduces risk of malfunction, eliminates human error and day to day maintenance and most importantly increases efficiencies and patient outcomes.

The world of fertility is rapidly advancing

Just five years ago, about 5,000 patients of those preserving fertility despite cancer – needed cryostorage.  By the end of this century, 200 million people will be born as a result of IVF.

The conference will also feature reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Dan Nayot who co-founded Future Fertility, the first of its kind, a medical AI company that focuses on reproductive innovation.   Nayot and his team have developed a non-invasive image analysis tool to evaluate a woman’s eggs.  The AI machine, the “Violet” instantaneously analyzes the quality of an egg based on a single image and can predict successful fertilization.  With this new technology Future Fertility will evolve the IVF process from relying on human subjectiveness into an automated, objective and accurate procedure.

Dr Angie Beltsos, CEO and medical director of Vios Fertility Institute Chicago and MRSi executive chair, said: “We are exceptionally excited about this year’s program and special guests. As specialists in reproductive medicine, it is important we stay at the forefront of rapidly advancing research and technology that’s happening globally.  MRSi allows experts in our field to share their knowledge and expertise with participants all with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes around the world.”

Sara said: “If you are planning on being at this year’s MRSi, please come and find us to say hello. We are keen to meet as many people as possible to form new relationships to enhance our followers’ experience of IVF babble.”

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