Good news for single women and lesbian couples who need IVF as France looks to end ban

Women living in France will be able to access IVF if the French government follows through with its plan to end the current ban

Currently women who are in a lesbian relationship or are single have to leave the country to access assisted medical reproductive treatment or remain childless.

But this could change soon as the government agree to debate the issue in September, according to Prime Minister Edoaurd Philippe in his address to congress.

Only heterosexual and married couples have the right to access assisted reproductive treatment and equality groups have been campaigning for years against the ban, calling it ‘sexist and discriminatory’.

Last year it was announced that President Emmanuel Macron’s government would seek to change the law and in 2017 the National Consultative Ethics Committee, France’s highest body dealing in bioethics, ruled that access to assisted reproductive technology should be expanded to single women and lesbian couples.

At present many women seeking fertility treatment travel to bordering Spain, Belgium and Denmark.

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