Fertility expo to launch in Sydney in August

A new, independent fertility expo is set to launch in Sydney this August entitled All About Fertility

The event will feature resourceful and educational information from some of the best fertility experts in Australia, including IVF Australia’s Professor Michael Chapman, Dr Shadi Kashaba and Dr Gavin Sacks; Dr Anne Clark from Fertility First; Monash IVF’s Dr Jinny Foo and many other experts across both traditional and natural health.

All About Fertility Expo is the first exhibition in Australia to focus exclusively on fertility. It is being launched by founder Ella Mannix in response to her own experience using IVF.

Ella said: “From my own experience, there is a need for this type of essential information in one place for men and women on their fertility journey or seeking to be first-time parents.

“This brand-new consumer exhibition will provide up-to-date and essential information around the topics of fertility for anyone wishing to have a child.

“One in six Australian couples suffer from infertility, so it’s a sensitive subject and researching options can be overwhelming, and at times confusing and lonely.

“The expo seeks to address a market gap and connect people with facts by providing the most relevant, up-to-date and trustworthy information for men and women around fertility.”

The first event exclusively on fertility to be held in Australia

Topics to be covered include IVF and cutting technology; men’s fertility; fertility treatment for older women; natural fertility management; infertility and miscarriage; surrogacy and IVF law; alternative medicine; as well as other pertinent topics such as finances around IVF and using superannuation rather than borrowing money.

Taking place at Norths, 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray on Sydney’s North Shore on Saturday, August 17 and this one-day event will host exhibitors from the major clinics; alternative medicine and therapy such as acupuncture and Chinese herbalists; adoption agencies and other support agencies; who will give visitors a 360 face-to-face time.

There will be an area of quiet reflection

There will be a zone called Couch Time’ which will be an intimate setting where real people will share their journey with visitors.  From successful IVF parents, people still on their journey, men with fertility issues, older women with fertility issues to same-sex couples, people on the day will be sharing their personal and honest experiences.

Couch Time will be a comfortable lounge area where a number of visitors can sit and enjoy a coffee, relax and listen to the stories, connect and ask questions.

Tickets are available to purchase in advance online for $10 per person, or $15 at the door, per person.  Doors open 9.30am to 6pm.

For more information on seminars and topics, visit: www.allaboutfertiltyexpo.com.au

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