My 60-year-old mother was surrogate to our beautiful daughter

A 60-year-old mother has carried her son’s baby so he could realise his dream of becoming a parent with his husband

Elliot and Matthew were delighted when Elliott’s sister agreed to donate her eggs so they could become parents, all they needed was a surrogate to help them.

Elliot’s mother had recently passed away and he was delighted that the baby would be genetically related to him and his mum.

And when Matthew’s mother, Cele, suggested herself as a possible carrier of the baby, they both laughed it off.

Cele told the pair: “I loved being pregnant. If you’re taking names for candidates, put my name in the hat.”

The couple casually mentioned this to their fertility expert who surprised them by stating she could definitely be an option.

The specialist told them that anyone can have a baby as long they have a healthy uterus, it is more about the quality of the eggs and as long as Elliott’s sister was fit and healthy, there shouldn’t be a problem.

They also agreed to bring in their mother for tests

The tests came back positively and the couple could hardly believe their luck.

Soon after they began the process and before they knew it, Cele had one embryo transferred.

Elliot told “On our doctor’s advice, we decided to transfer only one embryo as carrying multiple babies is a major health risk for the carrier.

“The last thing we wanted to do was put the only mum we had left at risk.”

Two weeks later the couple had the news confirmed, Cele was pregnant.

As the pregnancy progressed the delighted pair found out they were expecting a daughter.

The pregnancy went well and Cele seemed to blossom into herself

Then in March this year, the couple watched their daughter, Uma Louise, come into the world at 6.06am.

Elliot said: “I watched my charming, goofy mother-in-law shift into a silent, stoic warrior who dug deep within herself for this visceral, supernatural strength. Childbirth is not effortless magic, but it is an undeniable miracle.”

He concluded: “This is a story of two men in love, surrounded on all sides by women. It’s a story that can’t be made up, just lived.”

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