Woman has triplets after devastating IVF miscarriage

A woman who said she gave herself ‘one last chance’ to have a child has given birth to triplets after four years of trying

Twenty-five-year-old Niketa Bell and her husband, Mark, 30, were so devastated by a miscarriage following their first round of IVF, they decided to stop treatment.

But when they failed to fall pregnant naturally they decided to give it one more go.

The couple needed IVF after it was discovered Mark had a congenital defect that would stop them conceiving naturally.

It wasn’t until Niketa went to a scan that she was told by stunned doctors she was expecting triplets.

Nikita told the Daily Mail: “I told myself it would be the final time we did IVF, that this would be my final chance.

“I said to Mark I felt different this time and had a feeling it was twins.”

Niketa said it took Mark a full 24 hours to believe her when she told him that she was expecting triplets.

The couple, from Cumbria, welcomed the triplets on April 7 eight weeks early by emergency caesarean at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Baby Lola was born first at just three pounds, with identical twin brothers, Jacob Douglas and Tommy James, weighed in at three pounds ten ounces and three pounds eight ounces respectively.

The triplets were treated for several weeks in hospital after being transferred to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough and were able to come home on May 2.

“It didn’t sink in until they were in the incubator,” Niketa says. “We are finally a mam and dad. My husband and I have been totally blessed.”

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