Infertility blogger, Vanessa Haye, wants to break stigma in black communities

Blogger Vanessa Haye has told BBC Radio 5 Live that she wants to break down the stigma that is attached to infertility in some black communities

Vanessa appeared as part of a programme in which 100 women who have been through or are connected with IVF or fertility on the Emma Barnett show.

She said during the broadcast: “The issue is what is believed is deep-rooted historical facts about a black woman being super fertile and because you don’t see that in a public domain, people just assume there are no problems.

After a whole host of tests, Vanessa was diagnosed with unexplained infertility

She said: “I had issues at 26 when I realised that I can’t conceive naturally. I had to seek out a community on Instagram. It would have been nice to talk to someone from my community and same background as me, who could say ‘this is how I dealt with it’. But there was nobody I could relate to.

“As soon as Michelle Obama talked about her problems and her miscarriage and having her children via IVF everybody else was like ‘wow’ and in some respects it was nice, being a normal black lady, I didn’t get anyone else that can speak about it. I feel there was no one else like me that is struggling through infertility or going through IVF. I want to get to a place where I can inspire other women and ethnic minority women. I think I will still complain about it. I want it to become a normalised thing.

“Even though I have my son Sebastian, I am still on a journey, I still have three embryos in the freezer that I want to defrost and use.”

To find out more about Vanessa, her journey and her blog, click here

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