Clinica Tambre experts will host mini-consultations in London in June

A team of experts from Clinica Tambre will be in London on June 7 and 8 to meet with you to start your fertility journey

According to the clinic, 40 per cent of European patients choose Spain for assisted reproduction treatments, in particular the UK. Clinica Tambre, which is based in Madrid, has the latest reproduction technology and the experience to increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

A clinic spokesman said: “In Spain we have performed the most advanced treatments with the latest cutting edge technology. That is why we are chosen as one of the best fertility destinations. This reputation along with the guarantee of the most optimal medical care and effective prices make our clinic as the perfect place for the beginning of your journey.

Our doctors treat every patient with the warmest personal care because every story and every person is different. We understand the difficulty on leaving your home to be treated in another country and language, that is why we have a multilingual patient care coordination team who is with you every step of this journey, from the first contact to the end.

“Tambre Fertility Clinic organise patient meetings in many European cities to ensure every patient is heard and understand all the options, getting an idea of how the treatment will be done according to their needs before coming to the clinic.

“Our patient care coordinators will support the patients organising their trip and logistics. Our goal is to offer the best service so you can take the right decision.”

To book your free-mini consultation click here. There are limited places available.

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