Woman who refused to give up dream of motherhood despite ten miscarriages gives birth to ‘miracle’ son

A 40-year-old woman who suffered ten miscarriages refused to give up on her dream of becoming a mother and has given birth to a baby boy

Jen Bickel and her husband, Andrew, had spent the past ten years trying to have children and despite falling pregnant six times, four via IVF, each ending in a miscarriage.

The couple welcomed baby Bobi William Bickel on February 9 weighing 6 lbs 8 ounces via cesarean.

The couple, from Cardiff, had multiple ectopic pregnancies, failed IVF cycles and Jen eventually had to have her fallopian tubes removed.

It was in 2007 she first became pregnant but miscarried at six weeks, 18 months later she fell pregnant again and lost the baby at 11 weeks.

She told the Daily Mail: “I couldn’t help but blame myself. Why was my body failing me? What had I done?”

The following year, the couple had another miscarriage and turned to IVF in 2010.

But despite creating ten embryos, the first cycle failed to implant

A few months later they tried again and even though they had a positive test when it came to an early scan the fetus had no heartbeat.

By 2014 the couple had used all their frozen embryos, with the last two resulting in ectopic pregnancies.

They had no more money or frozen embryos but were thrown a lifeline by their fertility clinic, which offered them a free round after being voted the most deserving couple.

The cycle resulted in the creation of five embryos, with two being transferred

But sadly, this ended again in an ectopic pregnancy and Jen having to have her fallopian tubes removed due to the damage.

Despite the devastation and heartbreak the couple refused to give up as they still had three frozen embryos left.

They transferred one and had the agonising two-week wait to get through before getting a positive test, but they remained apprehensive.

Jen began to experience morning sickness and an early scan showed a tiny heartbeat, but still Andrew refused to believe it would have a happy ending.

It was only a few weeks before the birth that he started to buy things for baby Bobi and paint the nursery.

Jen said: “Struggling to conceive is incredibly hard – physically, mentally and emotionally. Andrew and I were always each other’s rock but we would advise people to seek support.”

Have you been affected by the contents of this article or suffered recurrent miscarriage, visit the Miscarriage Association for support, information and guidance.

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