Woman has four children in 13 months after failed IVF cycles

A US woman is now mum to five children in just 13 months after a series of failed IVF cycles

Tracey Park, who lives in New York, had her first child naturally aged 30, and for the next ten years, she and her husband, Peter focused on their careers.

It wasn’t until she reached her 40s that they decided they wanted to add a sibling for their son, Hunter.

After trying for a year the couple were told their only option was to try IVF.

In 2016 the couple began the first of four IVF cycles, which all failed to work.

A few months later they embarked on a surrogacy journey, only to discover that their final IVF cycle had worked.

Several months later the pair discovered their surrogate was expecting twins.

Tracey gave birth to Harlow in August 2017 and the surrogate had the twins, Piper and Presley, in January 2018.

Now they were a family of four

But to their surprise, just eight months later they discovered that Tracey was pregnant with their fifth child.

Baby Dylan was born in August 2018 – the fourth child in just 13 months.

She told The Mirror newspaper: “I think people should never give up trying for a baby. Technology is incredible but be open to different methods like IVF, surrogacy, adoption, fostering a child, there is nothing like parenthood.”

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