WaveWall Anti-radiation phone case

Your Phone and Fertility
When you are in the middle of infertility treatment it seems baffling how few other people are concerned about their own fertility. We know there are many factors that affect fertility but too many people put off caring until they want to start a family. It’s not just those actively trying to conceive that should be thinking about their fertility and how to protect it.

Since the 1970s average sperm counts have gone down 1-2% every year. What used to be thought of as a low sperm count – 20 million per millilitre – is now considered average. But why? There are lots of factors that affect male fertility. From genetic inheritance to pesticide use. Here’s one you might not have heard of: mobile phones. You might have heard concerns about mobile phones causing brain tumours or breast cancer. It’s part of the same problem.

Mobile phones create an electromagnetic field around them – all electrical devices do. Mobile phones use electromagnetic frequencies to communicate with the towers and network. This electromagnetic energy is similar to your microwave oven. Like your microwave, the radiation from the mobile phone passes through the body and can damage cells and DNA according to several recent studies.

Sperm are delicate and rely on certain conditions to be produced healthily and in good numbers. The damage from mobile phones has been shown to corrupt their DNA, making them non-viable even if they reached an egg to fertilise. It damages their motility – their ability to swim strongly in the right direction. It affects testosterone production, which in turn affects sperm production.

All this can happen when a phone is within six inches of the testicles. Like in a front pocket or on a belt. Even when the phone isn’t actively being used, it is still in constant contact with the network and producing that potentially harmful radiation.
WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases were designed to tackle this problem. They look like a normal phone case – there’s WaveWall Universal that fits the vast majority of mobile phone makes and models – and WaveWall Flip which is exclusively for Apple iPhones. Both allow the phone to work completely normally. And they cut up to 87% of the radiation from reaching the body.

Independently tested and verified WaveWall cases use an old scientific principle. By weaving fine strands of silver into the fabric of the case it creates a Faraday cage – a mesh that electromagnetic frequencies can’t penetrate.

WaveWall cases are protected on the side next to the body. The case shields the body and reduces the mobile phone radiation on that side. On the other side the phone is free to communicate with the network. So it doesn’t affect how the phone can be used.

WaveWall reduces the mobile phone radiation with none of the inconvenience.

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