Singer Lisa Stansfield gets candid about IVF being ‘a painful mistake’

Eighties pop legend Lisa Stansfield has been brutally honest about when she went through IVF calling it a ‘painful mistake’

The 52-year-old was talking on television presenter, Kate Thornton’s podcast, White Wine Question Time when the subject of family was raised.

Lisa went through three IVF cycles with her husband, Ian, in her early 40s, soon after the death of her mother, aged just 63.

Her regret came after she realised she didn’t actually want a child.

Some women go through 12 IVF cycles and not have a problem,” she says. “They love babies.”

“They want to have a baby – it’s in them and all encompassing. I did it three times and that was it, I was out. I realised that I didn’t want a child.”

She told Kate and two other guests, Lisa’s closest friends Rachel George and Lisa Eastwood, that it was ‘the most expensive lesson she ever learned’.

During the chat, both her friends said that Lisa’s IVF was a long, arduous road for her and made her really ill.

Lisa said: “Because my mum had died I tried to replace a death with a life and I didn’t realise it at the time.

“Physically I am pretty strong, and my body can take a lot, but mentally it was utterly exhausting.

“Ian and I have a strong marriage but I can imagine a lot of marriages do end. I hold my hand up to women who go through it.”

Asked if she was glad she did it, she said yes for the realisation that she was happy with it just being her and Ian.

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