Sandra shares her story of egg preservation with Clinica Tambre

Clinica Tambre tell us about having egg preservation treatment at the Madrid Clinic

Every day we make decisions, what to study, what to eat, where to go, the people to spend the time with…

It is said that the ability to choose is what differentiates us between humans and the rest of living beings. Our decisions guide our lives towards a certain end.

Nowadays, thanks to the advances that we have and that are developed continuously, we can choose almost everything. In fact, we can choose how and when to become mothers with the best reproductive conditions.

Thanks to the new fertility preservation technique based on egg freezing, it is now possible for women to preserve their oocytes in a particular moment keeping their best conditions and quality so they can delay motherhood until they want.

Sharing her story to help other women

Almost three months ago Sandra decided to undergo an oocytes preservation treatment in Clínica Tambre after having read a lot about it. In spite of the nerves and doubts that she had at the beginning, she hasn’t hesitated for a moment about sharing her story to encourage other women to follow her steps.

When she was 34, she first thought ‘what if I freeze my eggs so I don’t reduce my possibilities of getting pregnant in the future?’. But the final decision arrived four years later. She did not want to regret later on and, to prevent her eggs from ageing which would have reduced her possibilities of getting pregnant in the future, she made the decision of taking the big step in the right moment, because at her age she still had an adequate ovarian reserve.

Spain is one of the countries where this technique is most frequently used, and this encouraged Sandra to continue investigating. After having started the treatment with one of our collaborators abroad, she eventually decided to undergo this treatment in Clínica Tambre to do the follow-up because she had received a lot of good reviews.

About the doctors, nurses and patient service of our clinic, she says that “they all helped me a lot and they were very professional”. This is so important because this type of situation is never easy, even more so when you are out of your country. Sandra says that she has always felt very cared and supported by our team throughout the whole process.

Now she is not worried about motherhood any more. She has a ‘plan B’ in Spain that allows her to be more relaxed and able to continue her day to day life, without the pressure to have kids or get a family as soon as possible. Her healthy eggs will be ready in the moment that she decides that it is the perfect moment to start the process of becoming a mother.

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