Removing stigmas and taboos during this week’s US national infertility awareness week

Some of the largest fertility organisations in the US have joined forces to support RESOLVE to break down the stigmas and taboos of infertility during the country’s national awareness week

NIAW is a yearly initiative founded by RESOLVE, the national US charitable supportive organisation. It has been created to encourage and unite the community in an effort to remove the barriers that stand in the way of building families and is being held from April 21 to April 27.

In the US 7.3 million people are impacted by infertility

With one in eight couples struggling to conceive, NIAW hopes to help people realise they are not alone. They want to normalise infertility, along with connect others who are on a similar journey.

One of the partners supporting RESOLVE is Shady Grove Fertility, who report that about 60 percent of couples will get pregnant within the first four to five months. After one year of trying to conceive without success, however, the chances of pregnancy decline to one to two percent per month.

“Patients are often shocked to learn the true statistics behind their likelihood to conceive on their own if they’ve been trying for more than one year. The uncovered truth is the chances of success decline quickly if you’ve been trying on your own for more than a year, which is why seeking help from a fertility specialist sooner provides much higher success rates than if you continue to wait,” says Dr Stephanie Beall, of SGF’s Columbia and Towson, MD offices.

Another common misperception of infertility treatment is that it’s just a woman’s issue

“The harsh reality is that infertility doesn’t discriminate and is not just a woman’s problem at all. In fact, male factor infertility accounts for nearly 40 to 50 percent of all infertility cases.”

Given the high rate of infertility being related to a problem with the man’s sperm, it is advised that both partners are tested. “And testing for a male is simple with a private, at-home collection for a semen analysis in most cases,” reminds Dr Beall.

During National Infertility Awareness Week there are multiple events going on

These events will help raise such important awareness and offer comfort and support to all those going through fertility issues and considering their next steps. For more information on the calendar of events, click here.

Along with these events will also be The Walk of Hope representing the infertility journey – a series of small steps, each one filled with hope and a reminder that no one should walk on this journey alone.

Another initiative taking place this week is Advocacy Day is about sharing your story, your voice, and fighting for reproductive justice for all Americans who want to build a family. RESOLVE’s 2019 Advocacy Day ensures that the infertility voice is heard and that your elected officials understand the needs of those trying to building a family. Read more here.

To read more about events that are taking place near you click here

We must also mention that RESOLVE cannot do this alone. They partner with companies who are actively working alongside them to help improve the lives of millions of Americans who struggle to build a family. To read more on these fantastic partners click here

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