Obese women ‘being used as easy target for CCGS cost-cutting IVF measures’

An Oxford University professor has revealed in a report that she believes obese women are being ‘unfairly denied’ IVF treatment on the UK’s NHS

Dr Rebecca Brown, has said obese women have just as much right to treatment as their slimmer counterparts.

She said weight has little to do with whether IVF is successful.

Writing in the Health Care Analysis journal she criticised Clinical Commissioning Groups(CCGs) stating that they are using a woman’s weight as an excuse to save themselves money.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence(NICE) guidelines that women with a BMI over 30 should be informed they are ‘likely to take longer to conceive’.

Dr Brown said there was little evidence to support claims obese women IVF being less effective than slimmer women

She said in the report conclusion: “I have advocated a sceptical stance towards ‘evidence-based’ justifications for excluding obese people from NHS-funded IVF treatment. I have argued that the lack of high quality evidence regarding the effectiveness of IVF in both obese and non-obese populations.

“Claims that the evidence is of sufficient clarity to make decisive cost-effectiveness cutoffs appropriate is disingenuous.

“Rather, I propose that references to the cost-inefficiency of providing IVF to obese people may mask other influences, such as negative attitudes towards obese people that render them easy targets for cost-cutting commissioners.”

Have you been affected by cuts in NHS IVF funding due to your weight? We’d love to hear from you, email mystory@ivfbabble.com

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