Love, Coffee and Magic

Coffee has been my world for over 19 years. It began in Turin, Italy, when I first became a barista at 14, continued in Adelaide, Australia, and continued in New York City, where I met my soulmate, my husband, and my creative partner in everything. Together we created the first Love, Coffee, and Magic experience: Third Wave Skincare. A celebration of finding each other, a celebration of the beauty and power of the Coffee plant, and a celebration of everyone who chooses to share their magic with others.

— Vale



In the world of Speciality Coffee, the Third Wave describes a commitment to excellence in every step from farm to cup. This is passion and passion has a way of transforming whatever you do into something beautiful, something that celebrates love, something worth loving. This passion is at the heart of the products that we create.

Our Third Wave Skincare collection tells a story of Coffee and of effective natural beauty in a  way that is truly unique and deeply sensual. The collection features a complete daily routine of natural self-care experiences to wake up your natural glow. Each product is a combination of the 7 Beauty Elements of the Coffee Plant and ingredients that are all-natural, 100% vegan, and mommy-safe.



Caffeine, Single Origin Geisha Cáscara (Coffee Fruit), Cold-pressed Green Coffee Oil, Roasted Specialty Coffee, Infused Coffee Oil, Manjishta (Ayurvedic Species of the Coffee family), and Passion



Through our collaborations with coffee creatives,  and through our research into the elements of the coffee plant, we’ve found that when a coffee plant is grown for a deeper sensory profile it also tests higher for benefits beyond the cup. We thought, if this is true for the coffee plant then it may also be true for other plants and raw ingredients. That is why we use high-quality natural, food-grade ingredients and why we are always evolving our formulations to be more effective and sensorial.



There was something about the night we met that just felt like anything was possible. We walked up West 136th, through Saint Nicholas Park and past the Henry Hudson Highway. How long did we sit there, by the river? When the air got colder, we got closer. Your head nested in the collar of my t-shirt and we talked about everything — how you’d been a barista since you were 14. How you left Italy for Australia,  how much you loved the beach in Barcelona and how you came to New York to follow your passion for coffee. I told you how I was born on a farm in Jamaica. That the first time I felt at home was the year in Brazil — designing sneakers in Campo Bom. How the world felt like my family more than my family. “I want to do something more than coffee,” you said. “Start something for my family.” Listening to you, there was this feeling like you were talking about us. “Yes, amore. I knew I was talking about us. Thank you for creating this dream with me. Thank you for being my husband. Thank you for being my everything.



As we shared, we had been trying for 6 months before our first pregnancy which we lost at 7 weeks. We continued trying and we are now in the final weeks of our term. Before this pregnancy, it was like my body just kept on aborting over and over. We still don’t have the words to share our journey of becoming a mother, or father, or family. At times, it was if creating together was what held us together— we both lost our previous sense of self.

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