Living Lela – Fertility Toolkit

Living Lēla was created by two women who have faced the struggles of fertility and who have a passion to educate and empower those on their journey towards conception, while normalizing the conversation around fertility challenges. Their philosophy: to shift the focus from baby making to Mama-making.

Wendy Obstler is a Certified Yoga Therapist and fertility yoga expert. Deborah Anderson is a Health & Neuropsychologist and fertility yoga expert. After teaching in-person fertility yoga and support groups for many years, they decided to create a comprehensive mind-body fertility program (called Soulful Conceptions™) so that women (and their partners) all over the world could access these powerful tools from the comfort of their own homes, and work through them at their own pace.

This is not “just” a yoga practice – it’s a fully comprehensive mind-body-spirit program geared to enhance fertility and includes: Yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditations and mindfulness practices, emotional well-being, education on diet, nutrition and environmental impacts on fertility, as well as acupressure using the Fertility Ball Method®.

This program is for everyone – no prior yoga experience required! It includes tools and practices specific to each phase of the menstrual cycle, and is safe for those who are going through assisted reproductive techniques (ART). Whether you are just starting out on your fertility journey or have had long-standing challenges getting or staying pregnant, this tool-kit can help to optimize your fertility by helping to reduce stress, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and help you be more tuned-in to your body and emotions. Research has found that participating in a mind-body program increases successful pregnancy rates and in some cases, eliminates the need for ART.

Wendy and Deborah love to witness the transformation they see in their clients. “What’s so cool about it is that they are learning tools to enhance their fertility, keep stress at bay and feel more empowered on their journey. But what they may not realize, especially in the beginning, is that by the time that baby arrives, they will have become a healthier mom (or dad). These tools set them up for success as they move through the many stages of life, including the challenges of being a parent,” Deborah shares. These gals also acknowledge that the need for a mind-body tool-kit does not end when you get pregnant; in fact, there is often a lot of fear during the first trimester (especially if you’ve had a prior loss) and also a lot of emotions (including guilt) if you’re feeling overwhelmed after baby arrives.

“The specially selected tools in the Soulful Conceptions – Foundations of Fertility™ Tool-Kit are just that, the ‘foundations’ of the work that we teach. We encourage you to do everything at least once, and then go back to the exercises and tools you need that day, in that moment. We encourage you to cultivate your intuitive voice, which is part of our feminine essence,” says Wendy. Once you’ve mastered these tools and are craving more they have a more comprehensive program available (The Complete Mind-Body Fertility Program™).

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