IVF babble and the Lister Fertility Clinic join forces to offer three free IVF cycles to UK followers

IVF babble is delighted to announce we have joined forces with the Lister Fertility Clinic, in London to offer three free IVF cycles to our amazing UK followers

This is such a fantastic opportunity for our loyal readers, and we are really happy to be working with such a prestigious clinic.

Co-founder Tracey Bambrough said: “The Lister Fertility Clinic has been a supporter of IVF babble since its inception in 2016 and we are so delighted to be partnering with them for this wonderful opportunity.

“We can’t wait to make the draw in June and look forward to following the journey of the successful entrants, it is an exciting time.”

The Lister Clinic was founded in 1988 by Professor Sam Abdalla and in 2018 marked its 30th birthday.

During that time they have helped create 18,000 babies, something the staff and clinicians are incredibly proud of.

Leading fertility consultant, James Nicopoullos, said: “We are delighted to be working with IVF Babble offering the chance of treatment to those who have perhaps been denied treatment elsewhere or who haven’t yet been successful.”

The clinic treats 2,000 couples each year and has a five-star inspection rating from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority(HFEA).

The draw will be made by the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown, in June.

To be eligible for one of the free IVF cycles, you must be:

  • A UK resident and under the age of 42
  • Been diagnosed with infertility
  • Have a BMI between 19 and 30
  • Have no children from current relationship
  • Not received a previous free IVF cycle with IVF babble or the Lister Fertility Clinic
  • Be available to start the free IVF cycle at the clinic’s discretion
  • Must be available to attend the Lister Clinic in Chelsea, London for treatment
  • The free cycle cannot be carried over to 2020.

What is included?

An initial consultation and follow-up, initial semen test, ultrasound scan and monitoring, virology screening, monitoring blood tests during the treatment cycle, egg/embryo/sperm freezing and storage for one year, standard fertility drugs for one IVF cycle, which is to be collected from the Lister pharmacy, one IVF cycle that includes ICSI/IMSI/blastocyst(if required), first pregnancy scan, counselling and HFEA licence fee.

Patients’ GP needs to provide the following test results:

FSH, LH, E2, HIV, Hep B and C, Rubella, Chlamydia Trachomatis, FBC, thyroid and HTLV.

For a full list of the criteria and eligibility, click here.

IVF babble co-founder, Sara Marshall-Page, said she is so excited to meet the winners.

“IVF can be so expensive,” she says. “We know many people out there struggle to afford to treatment, especially with the postcode lottery taking place across the UK.

“This is the exact reason we spend a lot of our time working with clinics to make these giveaways happen. It gives us total job satisfaction that we are doing our bit to help those most in need.

“We wish everyone taking part the very best of luck – we have everything crossed for you.”

In the past year, to mark the 40th anniversary of IVF, IVF babble has given away more than 25 free IVF cycles working with clinics across the globe.

To enter this draw, click here.

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