Could an algorithm improve your embryo’s chance of success?

Scientists have revealed that Artificial Intelligence could be used to grade embryos, potentially improving IVF success

At present it is the role of the embryologist to grade the embryo and choose the best for transfer, but researchers have suggested that an algorithm created for use by Artificial Intelligence could be used to assist them in their role.

The new research was published in the NPJ Digital Medicine and was produced by scientists at Cornell University working with AI expert, Olivier Elemento. It works by using what has been described as a ‘deep-learning’ algorithm to identify embryos as good, fair or poor, based on its likelihood to implant successfully.

Olivier had been collecting a huge variety of medical scans over a number of years to develop an automated system to help radiologists to do their job more efficiently

According to, he had not considered IVF but soon realised the system he was creating could be beneficial to the fertility industry.

He is quoted as saying: “It was an opportunity to automate a process that is time-consuming and prone to errors.

“Which is something that’s not really been done before with human embryos.”

Similar research is also being conducted in other parts of the world. South American scientists are also looking at AI to improve embryos.

The automated system will not be available for use in IVF clinics for some time as it needs to pass rigorous testing but researchers believe it is a step in the right direction.

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