What is the journey to parenthood like when you have premature ovarian failure?

Here at IVF babble we love nothing more than giving people going through infertility issues the opportunity to tell their story. We do this in the hope that it will inspire others and raise awareness of what many are going through across the globe
This week Jade, from Essex tells her heartwarming story, it is ongoing and we wish her and husband, Jon, all the best on their journey.
“I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at just 20, six months after starting university and training to become an occupational therapist. There really are no words as to the devastating impact this had on my physical and mental health. I was just starting out in life and I was told I was already in early menopause.
“The doctors said if I wanted to have children in the future I would need an egg donor and would have to see a specialist clinic in London. I was offered no support but luckily I had a wonderful supportive network of friends and family.
“I started on hormone replacement therapy two months later and carried on with life. My good friend, Jon, who was with me throughout, became my boyfriend two years later and we married in October 2016.
“Soon after we applied for IVF egg donor NHS funding, with it being agreed in December 2016.  We then began initial tests at Guys and St Thomas’ Assisted Conception Unit in London and applied for an egg donor with egg donation agency, Altrui. We were matched with three egg donors in 2017 but for a variety of reasons they all fell through, which was disappointing.
“We then were matched with our fourth and final egg donor in November 2017. We got 13 embryos, but only one fresh and one frozen embryo survived. We decided to have one fresh transfer and place one in the freezer. We then had our first transfer in April 2018, the two week wait was a long one, but we found out we were pregnant on Jon’s 30th birthday.
“Sadly, I miscarried at eight weeks. It was truly devastating for us and we waited five months to have our frozen embryo transferred in October 2018. Again, it was a nervous two weeks wait and despite falling pregnant we miscarried soon after.
“My world was shattered, I felt like everything I had ever wanted had been taken away. I slept in my spare room every night for weeks as I kept imagining the bedroom as a nursery, it was very difficult. My husband has been amazing throughout and we have only becoming stronger now we enter our third year of marriage.
“We recently had our recurrent miscarriage appointment and were given the all-clear to start treatment, with the risk that the more miscarriages we have, the more risk there could be with the next pregnancy.
“We are now looking at funding our next cycle privately as we had no further embryos. We’ve been told the cost will be at least £9,000. We are telling our story first and foremost to raise awareness of fertility problems and pregnancy loss. I have set up an Instagram page called hummingbird_diary_ to raise awareness about pregnancy loss and through this if we raise money for ourselves then that will be a bonus.
“I have decided on the hummingbird as this is an animal that shows much resilience in life and means new beginnings so I feel it is perfect to raise awareness for fertility and ivf egg donation treatment and pregnancy loss.
“We are planning lots of fundraising events, including pop-up restaurants with well known chefs, afternoon teas, raffles, auctions and radio events, with much more in the pipeline but any help with raising awareness will be much appreciated.
Jade and Jon have set up an IVF fund JustGiving page, click here to support their journey.
We wish the couple all the luck in the world on their journey. If you have a similar story, why not get in touch and tell us about it, email mystory@ivfbabble.com
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